Chamber Awards for Cliff Davies and Chris Wilson

‘Tis the season to reward outstanding contributions to the community during 2015. The Chamber was delighted recently to recognise the contributions of Clifford Davies and Chris Wilson. [More…]

Chamber Local Plan Submission

The Chamber’s response to the Joint Local Plan consultation is available for download. You can also watch a video of The Chesham Society’s A Vision for Chesham[More…]

Chamber Special Recognition Award: Vincent Crompton

Having nominated Vincent Crompton as the first-ever Freeman of the Town of Chesham, the Chamber was delighted to add its own Special Recognition Award. [More…]

Chesham Carnival: call for liveried vehicles

An invariably well-attended event, the carnival procession offers the opportunity for some profile-building while having fun and supporting a great local event. [More…]

Chesham in Bloom Mother’s Day Event

A low cost and fun way to create a truly unique present for Mother’s Day. Come to Chesham Town Hall on Saturday 14th March and create a pot with a special message for Mum or Granny. [More…]

Chesham Mayoral Awards for 2015

The Chiltern Chamber is pleased to sponsor the Business Award, one of two Mayoral Awards for 2015, launched today by Chesham Town Council. Nominations due by Monday 9th March, with prizes awarded at the Annual Town meeting on 14th May. [More…]

Chesham Town Council

Chesham Town Council is the most local of the three tiers of local government serving Chesham, with the vision “To improve the quality of life of all the residents of Chesham”. The Town Council listens to, works in partnership with and represents all residents of Chesham, which includes businesses, community groups and other organisations, to [More…]

Chesham Town Partners year-end reports

The year-end report from Chesham Town Partners is an impressive array of achievements by more than a dozen local organisations. All are dedicated to making Chesham a great place to live and work.  [More…]

Chiltern Chamber Special Recognition Awards

Chiltern Chamber awarded its special recognition awards at Bedford Arms Hotel on December 2nd. Congratulations to our winners, Chiltern Hills Academy, Stirling Maguire and Michael Clark, of Clarks of Amersham. [More…]

Chiltern Chamber submission to Chiltern DC Local Plan

We encourage all members to read Chiltern Chamber’s submission to Chiltern DC’s ‘Emerging Local Plan’. We welcome feedback to ensure that the voice of business is heard clearly during this process. [More…]

Chiltern Voice 87.9 – coming to your airwaves!

This is an exciting community initiative. Chiltern Voice 87.9 will be on the airwaves for two weeks from February 7th. A summary of the project for Chamber members and friends who would like to support or get involved. [More…]

Christmas in Chesham and Amersham

Thanks to all who helped make three fantastic Christmas events: ‘Christmas in Chesham’, ‘Amersham Christmas Showcase’ and the ‘Amersham Christmas Pudding Race’.  [More…]