Creative Problem Solving with Balbir Chagger

balbir_event_sept_2015The Chamber’s programme of events resumed with a well attended, entertaining and stimulating session with Chamber member Balbir Chagger.

A performance coach and soft skills trainer, formerly practicing in Harley Street, Balbir started by explaining the theory behind a number of her techniques, before taking us through three practical means of creative problem solving.

An ‘eye accessing cue chart’, based on neuro-linguistic programming, gave insight into how eye movement and body language can reveal much about state of mind – and how understanding this can enable positive changes in mood and energy. Illustrating Balbir’s explanation that “looking up can instantly change your mood”, one of our members commented that in her office, use of laptops has been forbidden in favour of higher-level screens, to encourage positive thinking and creativity. Food for thought for this writer!

Balbir then moved us around the room, to consider a problem from different perspectives: how am I considering this problem; how would someone I admire – or indeed the object of the ‘problem’ – look at it; and then standing back to examine the issue as a third person. One of our members contributed a concrete example from his own working experience.

And finally, Balbir explained the Six Thinking Hats technique developed by Edward de Bono. The use of these metaphorical coloured hats enables thinking to be separated into six clear functions and roles. By mentally wearing and switching ‘hats’, thoughts and discussion can easily be refocussed towards an effective and successful outcome. There was much interactivity and humour based around members’ choice of hats and roles!

To find out more about Balbir, and how her techniques can help you or your business, check out her website:

The meeting was held at Flint Barn Court, Old Amersham. This is a superb venue, recently refurbished, and with plenty of space for Balbir to move the group around to illustrate her points. It is one of several excellent venues available from Chamber members Amersham Town Council, which can be seen on the Town Council’s Venues for Hire page.