Needed – a Home for a Radio Station!

Chiltern Voice held a most interesting debrief and update at Chesham United on Wednesday 16th March.

chiltern voice composite photoThe GOOD NEWS: in almost all respects, the two-week initial broadcasting term was seen as a success. Many lessons had been learnt, with one or two hiccups put down to experience and the exceedingly tight timescale. But listeners, content, coverage, and the overall reception by the community were all massively positive.

As a result of this, and backed by a significant grant, the intention is now to make Chiltern Voice into a permanent institution.

This will involve applying for future broadcasting licences, but more significantly, creating a permanent studio and home for Chiltern Voice. Whilst one needs a licence for FM broadcast, there is nothing to stop a station from broadcasting over the Internet.

DID YOU KNOW: that Chiltern Voice can still be heard streaming via the TuneIn app, and work has been ongoing to add to the variety of music?

The vision is therefore to establish a permanent home and studio. This can be used to stream recorded and even live programmes. It would give people across the community the opportunity to practice and hone their skills at scripting, recording, editing and ‘doing radio’. And for a few weeks a year, when a licence is granted, Chiltern Voice will be able to “PUSH THE BUTTON” and hit the airwaves!

The URGENT NEED: nothing of this can happen without a permanent home. So Chiltern Voice needs to find a suitable venue within the next few weeks. This needs to be a dedicated space of perhaps two rooms, secure (because of the equipment), with few significant limitations on access. If it can somehow dovetail with a community facility, so much the better. Oh, and there is little or no money for rent, so they are looking for a property owner with belief in the project, and willing to support in this way.

So if you have such a space – or any ideas, please don’t delay in getting in touch on