Social Media Masterclass

social media iconsSocial media is such a massive phenomenon. Few businesses can avoid it in some form or other. But it’s all too easy to spend valuable time in an unfocussed, unproductive way. How do you choose your platforms, develop your strategy, deliver your business message, ensure that you are not just lost in the ‘noise’?

To make sense of such questions and such a massive subject in a short timespace is a considerable challenge.

Well, it helps to be experts, and that’s what we have for our final evening Networking event of the year. (If you don’t count the Dinner & Dance – have you got your tickets yet?)

Chris Bantock Paul Jackson BeSeen MarketingChris Bantock and Paul Jackson of Beaconsfield-based BeSeen Marketing will come and share their expertise with the Chamber. Drawing upon their years of helping companies grow and succeed by leveraging the internet, they will present valuable insights, and aim to send us home with some with ‘Nuggets’ that we can put into practice in our everyday social media interactions.

This is truly an evening from which everyone will benefit.

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