Social Media Success

Paul Jackson presenting to Chiltern ChamberPaul Jackson of Chamber member BeSeen Marketing gave an excellent, entertaining presentation on Social Media Success to the Chamber on Wednesday November 2nd.

Social media in all its forms is too large a subject to cover comprehensively in one session. Paul’s focus therefore was on the most popular platforms, principles that will bring success whatever the platform, and some useful tools that enable users to cut through the noise and garner information to make their social media efforts more effective. Paul used his own personal project, The Gin Guide, to illustrate many of his points.

Paul spelt out five key points to social media success:

5 points to social media success

  • Goals: decide on your goals and expectations – brand positioning, awareness or general interest, or more specific goals such as leads, or engagement, retention or servicing of customers?
  • Audience: establish WHERE your audience is, to decide on your platform. Did you know for example that 79% of LinkedIn users are aged 35 or over, whilst more than half of Twitter and Facebook users are under 35? More than 60% of Pinterest and Instagram users are female.
  • Behaviour: what are your AUDIENCE doing on social media? Where does social media fit into their customer journey?
  • Value: what’s your USP, why should your audience follow and engage with you?
  • Network with your audience, ‘work the room’.

So that’s your strategy; how, then, to monitor progress, to address your audience most effectively, and tackle your social media programme time-efficiently?

Paul suggested the following tools to help:

  • is a comprehensive suite of insights provided by Google from its own customer interactions. The tools section has numerous tools by which you can browse data; the one illustrated by Paul The Customer Journey to Online Purchase, is a fascinating insight into where in the online journey certain platforms and media sit – try toggling through industries and locations, and see the differences.
  • Twitter Analytics and Facebook Insights were also recommended for insights into audience behaviour.
  • Paul also explained his use of Twitter Lists to enable him to focus on, and interact with a community with shared interests – in this case, gin!
  • To manage multiple social media channels, Paul recommended Hootsuite, the most widely used platform for this purpose.
  • Finally, Paul introduced us to Audiense, another tool for providing social media campaigns with deeper insight into their users.

But perhaps the most important point made by Paul, the ‘golden rule of social media, was this:

golden rules of social media

You can download the presentation slides here.