Wycombe Sound – on air and here to stay!

Wycombe Sound invited our webmaster, Robert Gibson, to come in and advertise the Chamber’s Christmas Dinner Dance at Chartridge Park Golf Club on Saturday December 17th. Appearing on the mid-morning show with Jonathan Padgen, Robert also took the opportunity to explain the activities of the Chamber, the benefits to members, and some of the successes of 2016.

wycombe sound logoFor us, it was also a welcome opportunity to see Wycombe Sound in action. Having started life with three 4-week-long Restricted Service Licences, they are now 5 weeks into their new life with a long-term community radio licence. Director Philippa Sawyer commented: “Many listeners probably think we’ll go off air again after four weeks. But we’ll be here after Christmas, we’ll still be here in the spring and beyond…”

Wycombe Sound is one of around 30 new members to have joined Chiltern Chamber in 2016. Philippa stressed that they would love to hear from our members and the business community about their activities and events. We would strongly encourage them to take her up on the offer. The Chamber hopes that it will have further opportunities to discuss activities and business matters on air in 2017.

You can listen to Wycombe Sound in the Wycombe area and a little beyond on 106.6 FM, with a potential reach of 133,000 residents. Other possibilities are Wycome Sound’s app, TuneIn or on http://wycombesound.org.uk/. On the web site you can also find details of how to advertise, contribute or participate.