About the Chamber

Chiltern Chamber

Chiltern Chamber exists primarily to listen, investigate and resolve the concerns of our members, and seeks to support businesses in meeting today’s challenges and those of the future. Our strategic objectives aim to improve economic development and investment in business in the region, through a holistic approach that is inclusive of our community and the environment.

Our mission

To serve the interests of businesses and promote economic prosperity and better quality of life across the Chiltern region.

Key objectives

The Chamber has three key strategic objectives and a number of closely interlinked objectives:

Supporting our membership base…
The Chamber would not exist without its members and therefore aims to enhance the members’ success. We help members navigate and expand their businesses in a challenging marketplace. We do this by providing a suite of useful services and benefits for members.
…through Networking
Networking with a group of like-minded individuals is a powerful marketing tool. It exposes you to information, thoughts, ideas and experiences of others.

The Chamber organises ‘Breakfast Club’ meetings, and monthly get-togethers which include a mix of social, informational and topical events.

Events are open to members & non-members, though we do urge non-members to consider Chamber membership if they attend regularly and make use of our networking platform.
…by working to develop a Conducive Business Environment
The local business community is supported by identifying and developing strategies which will facilitate the growth of existing and future regional business and trade. We aim to provide a liaison and communication service to businesses, encourage major sustainable development of business and investment, and support business growth. We do this by identifying and undertaking tactical programmes for the benefit of business.
We aim to promote the standard of living and economic health of Chesham and Amersham by championing positive quantitative and qualitative changes. This may include the development of human capital, infrastructure, environmental sustainability and other initiatives. We recognise that economic development is a policy intervention endeavour with aims of economic and social well-being of people and will therefore seek to work closely with local councils and UK authorities towards that end. Economic growth will be a process of economic development. A long term aspect of the economic development strategy will be to facilitate inward investment both from outside the region and overseas.

Read more about the Chamber’s Economic Development Agenda.

…by encouraging Investment in Tomorrow’s Workforce
Chiltern Chamber regards the development of skills and young people in the region, as a precondition of building for sustainable economic growth in the area.

The Chamber supports skills development in various ways:

  • Activities of Committee members
  • Sharing information relating to skills, training & vocational education
  • Encouraging our members to participate in work experience schemes
  • Support of certain initiatives, such as the inaugural Bucks Skills Show

Read more about the Chamber’s Skills and Training Agenda.

Our Values

  • Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Respect

What our members say:

One of the first steps I took when starting my business in the year 2000 was to join Chiltern Chamber of commerce. I believe that being part of the local business community is vital for any business even if most of our trade is across the UK and Europe. It is an important and essential step for any business to take to ensure they have local contacts and can influence the area in which they work. We try to use local suppliers whenever possible and this support of the supply chain ensures a vibrant local community for all of use to enjoy.
Graham Hull - Ley Hill Solutions Ltd