Chiltern Chamber is excited to invite you to the first meeting of the Chiltern Chamber, Chalfont Breakfast Club, from 8am on Tuesday 4th July, at Harewood Downs Golf Club, Cokes Lane, near Amersham HP8 4TA.

We are working with those responsible for the established Whole in One breakfasts held at Harewood Downs Golf Club, with our own successful breakfast networking format.

We shall gather from 8.00am, and hold the formal proceedings from 8.30am to 9.30am.

We shall ask everyone for a brief elevator pitch, and exchange thoughts and ideas. Sally Hindmarch, from Partners With You, will then give a 10-minute presentation on the theme “How to make the impact you want when speaking in front of others?” And in the time remaining, we will discuss any other matters of interest.

Our successful format is structured and businesslike, yet informal and inclusive. We welcome members and non-members alike.

REGISTER HERE – it’s easy to and quick to do so!

(Advance payment with registration is easier for us, but we have reinstated the ‘pay at the door’ option as some users have had issues with paying by card via Paypal, especially on mobile devices).

flyer for chiltern chamber chalfont breakfast club