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  • Become a CSR Accredited CSR Leader. We are the UK’s first CSR Accreditation scheme, helping you to write and implement your CSR policy

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    A good Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy connects you with the community that surrounds you, ensures you act responsibly with regard to the environment and helps you value and look after your staff while ensuring that your products and services are delivered ethically and responsibly.

    CSR is becoming one of the standard business practices of our time. For companies committed to CSR, it means improved reputation and competitive advantage. Positive CSR improves a company’s public image and relationships with staff, clients and consumers.

    Achieving CSR Accreditation is a visible testimony of your excellence in CSR. The Accreditation shows you have integrated CSR initiatives throughout your business operations and provides you with real competitive advantage.

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    We have developed the UK’s first CSR Accreditation scheme, which provide the tools to help you write and implement a CSR policy. The Accreditation is based on the Four Pillars of CSR, these are:

    Environmental CSR: Focuses on eco-issues such as Air Quality, Climate Change, Cycle To Work, Recycling and Wastes Management

    Community CSR: Businesses work with other organisations to improve the quality of life of the people in the local community through Investment (Time/Effort/Funding) Partnerships and Sponsorship

    Workplace CSR: Policies that improve products and services and staff such as: Diversity & Inclusion, Equal Opportunities, Governance, Employee Benefits, Health & Well-Being and Sustainable Procurement

    Philanthropic CSR: Support charities through volunteering, donation or sponsorship. Many or indeed most of us will have already implemented positive action in one or more of the four pillars.

    It is amazing what organisations are already doing in the arena of CSR that we don’t talk about.

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