Christian Burne

  • Telephone:

    07724 521787
  • Member Offer:

    We’d like to offer any local businesses a company brand refresh session.

    This includes:
    (1) 1/2 day clarity work shop to revisit the core attributes, strengths and purpose of the business to make sure everyone is reconnected with what the business really does and why it does it

    (2) A ‘refresh’ of the companies logo and any core visual elements that are affected by that and need to stay aligned.

    Typically we charge between £750 and £1000 (ex VAT) for this process. We’d like to offer to Chiltern Chambers members £400 (ex VAT).
  • Frank & Phoenix is an independent creative and design studio.
    We do strategy, branding and visual storytelling, driven by a love of powerful design and inspiring creativity.

    We operate under a simple belief; that great design has never been more vital, and should not be a luxury. So we make it accessible. To everyone.