Show you are a CSR Leader…

The Chiltern Chamber of Commerce is delighted to team up with CSRA to launch our own Corporate, Social Responsibility Survey.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has become one of the standard business practices of our time.
A good CSR policy connects you with the community that surrounds you, ensures you act responsibly with regard to the environment and helps you value and look after your staff while ensuring that your products and services are delivered ethically and responsibly.

It is amazing what we are already doing in the arena of CSR that we don’t talk about.
By completing this survey you will help us find out just how much you are already doing in this area.
We can then develop a Chiltern Chamber CSR Impact map that will show data on areas such as recycling, energy saving, community support and charitable giving.

Not only that, by filling in the Chiltern Chamber CSR Survey we will plant a tree as part of the Green Earth Appeal for every completed survey.
By completing this survey you will be already contributing to your CSR commitment and could well be on your way to achieving a National CSR Accreditation.

Please fill in our simple CSR Accreditation assessment survey NOW to to find out how your business performs – it only takes a few moments.

Achieving CSR Accreditation is a visible testimony of your excellence in CSR.
Customers want to trust organisations they engage with. Employees want to work for values-driven employers and investors want to know that a company is addressing its ethical responsibilities. The attainment of a CSR Accreditation is a crucial component of a company’s competitiveness and reputation.

We look forward to seeing your responses.