Two of our members, 5HC Systems and Old Bill’s Pest Control recently had the opportunity to work together on streamlining processes.  We are as delighted as they are, with the outcome.  Here, we share their case study:

“We have found our Holy Grail”

Thank you Alan Penman of Old Bills Pest Control for this fantastic testimonial and thanks to Chiltern Chamber of Commerce and Karen Pawlowska for the introduction:

As a company we have recently expanded from 2 to 12 staff, the majority being technicians with the addition of support staff. We wanted to streamline how the reporting, recording and compliance was met. We tried various pest control platforms but found them too complicated or required us to change to fit their software. None were suitable, appropriate or affordable. We then met Hugo and outlined our requirements and aspirations for a functional, and simple to use product.

The important recognition that I must give Hugo is that he has made the product fit us, our needs requirements and most importantly it is usable by all the staff, even those who are technologically stunted. I can only recommend Hugo as someone who clearly knows what he is doing, know or learns what you want and delivers on those expectations.

For the full story, please follow this link.