Online Networking Events & Workshops

We are delighted to bring you a programme of online networking events and workshops!

Please note that meeting presenters and details are still being finalised, so will be subject to change and updates.

Upcoming Events

Event type Location Date Time Details
Networking Online Tues 26 Apr 11:00am Matt Noble Wright of Noble Word – How to write engaging copy for business.
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Networking Online Tues 10 May 08:00am Lawrence Wood Transformational Communications:
Mantra for business growth, Disrupt, Leverage, Evangelise. Where to find your clients, where they are happy to listen to you, how do they check credibility before using you? Get inside the mind of your prospective clients and make better business.
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What our members say:

Web-Clubs joined the Chiltern Chamber of Commerce in 2014. As well as providing a platform to promote our digital marketing services to other local businesses, it provides a valuable meeting place to swap ideas and to offer or receive valuable support. Unlike larger companies, that can be self-sufficient on services and expertise, smaller companies need to co-operate. The Chamber provides the medium to find trusted like-minded partners to work with. An added benefit is the opportunity through workshops and presentations to learn about new technologies, skills and to keep in informed about changes affecting the local business community.
Ralph Hilsdon, Marketing Manager, Web-Clubs