Karen Pawlowska


About Me:
I came down to London from Derbyshire as a child and initially started by working life with the BBC central London. As was usual in those days with ‘Auntie Beeb’ I had the opportunity to move through many departments, learning different skills but all related to broadcasting. The BBC trained me in production and management for Radio and live TV programmes. My skills are in video production management and client/contributor liaison, both in planning and location production.

I enjoy getting people comfortable on video and helping them to put their story across in a way that engages with their target audience and designing creative video formats for on line promotion. I offer consultancy services for video marketing strategy projects, which these days include social media content, as well as presentation skills for those unfamiliar with appearing on camera. My passion is to draw out the real life experiences of clients and convey their key messages in a way that attracts and engages their audience.

When I am not developing video strategy or directing content, I am probably to be found out dancing! I qualified as a Ballroom and Latin Dance Teacher several years ago and now also run a small dance school for adults who want to learn how to dance in a fun, social environment as well as get fitter at the same time. My other hobbies include the cinema, reading and my cat, who has an amazing knack of inducing a relaxed feeling whenever she is near.

As a business, we are all committed to helping the local economy to flourish and are delighted to be involved with Chiltern Chamber where we have been members for a few years, and now will be helping the marketing team with their social presence. If you have anything you would like included please let me know and we’ll do our best to keep everyone informed.