Wilford Augustus

General Committee Member

My role on the chiltern chamber committee is to provide digital marketing direction as part of the marketing team, to help grow our membership base, increase our engagement with local business and young entrepreneurs, whilst implementing digital strategies that proactively help our members grow their businesses.

I’m Principal Consultant at TBG Media UK, based in Wimbledon, and I currently work from my home office in Chesham a few days a week, which allows me to serve our local Chiltern business community on a personalised basis.

I call myself a strategic adviser, and take great pride in my ability to provide big picture perspectives on how to strategically integrate digital and events marketing communications to help grow your business.

I work to deliver well-written, well-branded, well-managed, integrated marketing campaigns with engaging content, that help my clients generate credible leads and sales conversions based on solid data; whilst increasing brand awareness and their online engagement.

I can also assist you and your business with digital transformation, to enable you to run your entire company securely from the cloud. I can help you with the integration of mobile payments, remote control of your devices, and end-user cyber security, with pragmatic solutions which enable true data protection, in compliance with GDPR.

I can offer you a FREE initial consultation, to discuss your Website, Digital Marketing or Digital Transformation needs. All you’ve got to do is use my online diary to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience. I look forward to helping you achieve your digital marketing, digital transformation and sales goals.

Book Your FREE Consultation now: https://www.tbgmedia.co.uk/schedulemeeting