Jackie Campbell, one of the Chamber’s leading committee members, gave an interesting talk at the recent Chesham Networking Breakfast about how businesses are needed to help prepare young people for the workplace while also developing a talent pipeline for their business at the same time. Jackie is the Skills Development Manager for the Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership, leading on work of the Buckinghamshire Skills Hub.

The Bucks Skills Hub support for schools and business is delivered via:

  • OppsinBucks – A website connecting educators and businesses with a view to encouraging more employer engagement activities in schools is www.oppsinbucks.org. It would be great if you could register
  • WANNABE – A website for employers to promote work experience, apprenticeship and job opportunities to young people is www.WANNABEbucks.org. A great recruitment tool, where the Skills Hub team push opportunities out to schools, parents and young people through various social media channels
  • Bucks Skills Show 2018 – view videos, find out more and book a free stand: https://wannabebucks.org/gravity-landing/bucks-skills-show-2018