Business Support Services

Business Support Services Chiltern Chamber

Almost every activity undertaken by Chiltern Chamber of Commerce is to support business in the Chiltern region, and our member businesses. This can be seen through our three main priorities.

Where we are asked for contributions towards local events, normally these must pass the test “how would this fit with the Chamber’s priorities?”

How the Chamber’s three Priorities support Businesses

Business Support

The Chamber’s real strength is its network. Over recent years our membership base has become larger and more diverse – you can see our member firms here. This means that whatever your question, or issue facing your business, the chances are that someone in the Chamber network can help.

The majority of Chiltern Chamber’s members are small to medium-sized businesses, of the type that form the backbone of the UK economy. Sometimes questions will arise which require advice or knowledge beyond the immediate directors’ expertise. Our regular networking events provide many opportunities to come and share experiences, or to ask questions of your peers. If the answer to your question isn’t immediately in the room, then please speak to any Committee member, and they will try to help steer you on the right direction.

Through our communications – web and social media – we seek to disseminate news and spread knowledge relating to local and business issues.

Skills and Training

Chiltern Chamber regards the development of skills and young people in the region, as a precondition of building for sustainable economic growth in the area.

The Chamber supports skills development in various ways, which are listed on our Skills and Training page.

We are always keen to discuss new skills and training initiatives: please contact Vee Bharakda or Jackie Campbell.

Local Economic Development

Chiltern Chamber is very active in helping formulate local and regional plans for economic development.

We maintain good working links with local government agencies, and are always keen to be involved with initiatives that promote a positive business environment.

Menbers of the Chamber Committee have been involved in particular with two recent examples:

The Joint Local Plan: for much of 2016, and into 2017, a major preoccupation has been the various phases of the Joint Local Plan. The Plan, covering the Chiltern District Council (CDC) and South Bucks District Council (SBDC) areas, will set out policies used to determine planning applications, site allocations or proposed new development (eg housing or employment) and broader land designations (eg Green Belt areas). It will run from 2014 to 2036.

The Chamber believes that it is critical to engage with this process, if Chiltern is to remain an area conducive to business, supporting a vibrant community, whilst also preserving the character of our area.

The Masterplan for Chesham: this is in part a response to the changes to Chesham likely to be directed by the joint Local Plan.

A thriving industrial and business sector already exists within Chesham. But there is already a need to update or create new business premises, or locate commercial enterprises out of the town, to meet the needs of businesses and improve access.

Chesham Renaissance, a community interest company, which has drawn up the Masterplan, accepts the need for around 2,000 new dwellings over the next 20 years, implying a population increase of 5-6,000 and calling for higher density of residential accommodation. The need for new business premises or zones will become more pressing with higher density residential accommodation.

Chesham Renaissance seeks to persuade Chesham to embrace this process as an economic development opportunity, a catalyst for inward investment, and a chance to make Chesham an attractive place for residents, businesses and visitors. All the while, it is determined to retain and enhance the special character of Chesham.

For more details on these schemes and the Chamber’s efforts to influence local economic development, please visit our Economic Development page.

If you would like to discuss economic development issues further with a member of Chiltern Chamber, please contact Andy Garnett.

What our members say:

I joined the Chiltern Chamber of commerce this year (2017) and have found it a great way to expand my reach in to new areas. I’ve made many good contacts that have increased awareness of Sunrise and what we do so well here. It is a great way to network and find support, the team are experienced networkers and do a good job of facilitating new relationships. I look forward to many years as a member.
Shila Odedra-Silvera - Sunrise Senior Living