Andrew Merrifield

Data & Email Manager & Committee Member


I am responsible for the Chamber’s email marketing and data management. This entails sending out invites to events, newsletters, managing the Constant Contact system that we use and the underlying subscriber data. I also act as the Chairman for the Amersham Breakfast meetings.

About: Certified Google Partner – Google Pay Per Click & Analytics Specialist
I love solving Sales Lead Generation problems faced by SMEs. This means using the fantastic Digital Marketing tools provided by Google to capture potential customers and get them to enquire. Before switching to digital marketing, in 2006, my background was the Automotive Business and Automotive Engineering. So, I like to solve problems and find out how things work. I make websites really work for their clients. In particular, I like:

  • Really understanding SME business Sales Enquiry needs.
  • Formulating a digital strategy to deliver their Sales Enquiries.
  • Researching & implementing Google AdWords campaigns.
  • Ensuring Google Analytics tracking is in place to measure activity.
  • Using new technology to benefit my clients.

I have been successfully using Google services since 2006 and have been a Certified Google Partner ever since they had such a Group.

Prior to this, I had 30 years of experience in the Automotive Business. This being mixed between cars, vans and trucks for the likes of; Aston Martin, Mercedes-Benz and various Agencies working with Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat and Alfa-Romeo. My time being spent between marketing and dealer business development, mainly in the After Sales sector.

I network extensively throughout the Chilterns and Western Home Counties. I am happy to consult with potential clients looking to improve their use of Digital Marketing.

I have been based in the Chilterns for many years, which I happen to regard as a wonderful privilege to be in such a beautiful part of the Country.

Playing tennis is my active sporting passion, alongside Formula One (from the armchair).

Please do contact me either in connection with Online Sales Lead generation or any assistance regarding the Chiltern Chamber of Commerce.